Monday, January 16, 2012

You can get a Degree in Comic Books?

In Utah, you can get a comic book degree.
Students at Broadview Entertainment Arts University will soon be able to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in comic and sequential art.

“This program is built for people who are passionate about telling stories that often begin as paper-napkin doodles, move to freehand sketches and finish with creative products that connect emotionally with audiences,” said BEAU’s dean of programs Mitch Hare.

The new degree in comic and sequential art prepares the artistic person to create such products as comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, storyboards and animated feature films.
Where was this degree in 1992?



Kyle Leach said...

Pretty cool.


This is actually not very 'out there'. I don't know if Broadview is an art school, but most art schools offer degrees in comic and sequential art.
The description is pretty spot on as these courses do prepare artists for obtaining work in the comic book, graphic novel, storyboard and animated film industries.
I'm more amazed that there's a McDonalds 'college'. LOL!

Ron said...

One of my treasured memories of my pre adolescent childhood of the Fifties was trading comic books with my BF Larry. We would meet every few weeks with our two foot high pile of comic books and do some serious trading, one comic book at a time. Larry and are are still BF (via the Internet and FaceTime) but the comic books are long gone. Only the memories remain. Your blog posting brought back fond memories.

WilsonW said...

Did you know you can get a PHD in Children's Books?

Mechadude2001 said...

I saw the documentary College Inc on Netflix Streaming. It points out that most colleges are run like a business, and the bottom line is more profit.
I think a degree that specifically targets comic books, will limit most futures. If some one was to take this route, I hope they check on job placement and what this school would have planned to help them succeed.

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